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Creation of student‐alumni mentorship programs. Enhance student access to Alumni Communities. Invite students to attend identified alumni chapter activities and functions and other key alumni activities at no charge. Provide Alumni/student mixers on campus to promote student/alumni interaction in a social atmosphere ‐ celebration of Titan Pride.

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Progress and Accomplishments

D12 Events

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2020-21 Q3 Report

  1. Establish new opportunities for mentorship relationships to develop

  2. Increase student access to established programming

  3. Engage students in University philanthropic endeavors

  4. Further develop infrastructure for more intentional student-alumni connections

  • 85 students participated in Dinner with 12 Titans.
  • 5 students participated in Navigating Your Black Identity in the Workplace
  • 5 students employed (2 of which are graduate students).
  • Dinner with 12 Titans was held across 3 days (Saturday, March 13 through Monday, March 15) and consisted of 18 zooms at various times, hosted by alumni and staff. This includes, but is not limited to our own university president, VP of HRDI, Provost, VP of SA, the Director of Tech with Disney, representatives from Hulu, a CEO/President of a marketing firm, and a partner at a law firm. 85 students participated, 60% of those students participated in 2 or more zooms throughout the weekend.
  • Navigating Your Black Identity in the Workplace was held on Thursday, March 4. This program was inspired by 3 students in the Master of Science in Higher Education program, who were looking to provide more access to students the voices and experience of alumni to discuss what it means to be Black in the workplace. The event was a collaboration between the African American Resource Center, Alumni Engagement, and the Business Success Center. There were over 35 people in attendance that stayed on past the hour and a half allocated. This included students and alumni.
  • Advising sessions are not new, but something new we do want to report on. As part of the Student Outreach role, we do one-on-one meetings with students to learn more about their path/journey and work together to find alumni that we can connect them with. Students mostly seek this out for career advice and to conduct information interviews; however we also discuss lived experiences and how we can find alumni who are first gen or returning parents who can share their advice on navigating college through that lens. 10-15 meetings occurred in Q3.
  • Continued support of the Titan Pro Network. Total of 2755 active members at the end of Q3.
  • PODCAST - We are in the midst of Season 4 of the Titan Alumni Talks Podcast that is shared on Titan Radio and the CSUF Alumni Youtube page. This podcast interviews a variety of alumni from different backgrounds, graduation years, majors, etc. to share their journey and advice for students.
  • VIRTUAL NEWSLETTER - Tuffy Gram: a monthly newsletter that goes to every student eligible for graduating (approximately 7,000 students) this academic year based on Records criteria. In Q2 the newsletter covered events/programs for the past semester and what to expect in spring. Topics included things such as the Titan Pro Network, Navigating Your Black Identity in the Workplace, Dinner with 12 Titans, $1000 Awards. This is an ongoing newsletter.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Alumni Lounge video wall
  • Ongoing - paying the contract for the Titan Pro Network
  • Ongoing - funding for Student Outreach Coordinator and partial funding for the Web & Marketing Coordinator.
Allocation: $238,532.19
Expenses: $149,377.38
Balance: $89,154.81