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Increase Alumni Student Services & Programs

Creation of student‐alumni mentorship programs. Enhance student access to Alumni Communities. Invite students to attend identified alumni chapter activities and functions and other key alumni activities at no charge. Provide Alumni/student mixers on campus to promote student/alumni interaction in a social atmosphere ‐ celebration of Titan Pride.

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Progress and Accomplishments

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2021-2022 Q1 Report

1. Establish new opportunities for mentorship relationships to develop
2. Increase student access to established programming
3. Engage students in University philanthropic endeavors
4. Further develop infrastructure for more intentional student-alumni connections

In support of the plan's efforts, we will be focusing on events, programs and resources throughout the year.
This will include, but not limited to:
    • Supporting orientation, UNIV 100 classes and other 1st year programming to introduce alumni to first years
    • 2nd and 3rd year specific programming and outreach efforts Continuing support of campus and student organization programming that brings alumni to their communities
    • Continue hosting Dinner with 12 Titans (virtual and in-person options will be available this year)
    • Continue graduating senior programs such as the monthly newsletter, and events such as Grad BBQ and Toast a Titan
    • Continue supporting the Titan Pro Network, with the added mentorship component that we are working on with the Career Center and Tuffy's Graduation Scholars
    • Hosting a first gen student-alumni mixer with the Assistant Deans of Student Affairs, Tuffy's Graduation Scholars, and the Career Center
    • Continued support of the Titan Alumni Talks podcast (now streaming on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher Radio).
Students Served & Impacted 
  • 120 students received in class presentations through a partnership with UNIV 100 classes on how to connect with alumni and develop the first stages of mentorship outreach.
  • 12,000 students eligible for graduation receive our monthly newsletter.
  • 3,068 users are active on the Titan Pro Network, with over 1050 connections made to date since the program launched.
  • 10,000 new students received "CSUF Alumni <3 You" stickers that share the resources available to them through our area (scholarship, involvement, connections, etc.)
  • Saw over 800 students at our student resource table thanks Orientation's Welcome to CSUF Days for the Fall 2021 and Fall 2020 admits.
  • 600 students joined the Student Alumni Ambassadors during Discoverfest to receive monthly newsletters about bi-weekly alumni workshops/panels through the club, reminders about scholarships and awards, and updates about other events and resources available to them. 
Student Opportunities
  • This is the 5th Season of our Titan Alumni Talks podcast (now streaming on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher Radio)
  • We took Q1 to start developing a mentorship program with the Career Center's I am First program, and Tuffy's Graduation Scholars.
  • Dinner with 12 Titans (which happens in Q2), opened it's registration in Q1. 
  • Provided students with:
      • 6 classroom presentations
      • 2 newsletters
      • 2 CSUF event participation
      • 1 online platform
Staff & Facilities Support
  • Maintain the video wall in the alumni lounge
  • Maintain the contract for the Titan Pro Network
  • Continued funding for two professional staff, one graduate assistant, and 1 student worker.
Budget Amount: $ 226,111.09
Expenditures: $ 53,486.32
Balance: $ 172,624.77