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Fund Division 1 Athletics Program Appropriately

Support Titan Pride by funding a Division I athletics program appropriately. Fully fund scholarships in all of our 15 sports. Fully support the Men's and Women's Golf programs so that these programs will not be eliminated. Increase operating budgets for our teams, to allow for increased recruiting, increased travel to contests and to provide guarantees for teams to visit us, and to provide personnel needed to support all teams.

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2017-2018 Plan for the Year Report

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Support Titan Pride by providing funding for a Division I athletics program and over 400 student athletes appropriately. Titan Athletics plans to utilize SSI dollars to fund 86 full student athlete scholarships.  NCAA rules allow some sports programs to award less than a full scholarship to multiple students.  For example, one full scholarship in baseball could be broken up and awared as 4 one quarter scholarships to 4 different student athletes.  Because of this rule, over 150 student athletes will benefit from the 86 full scholarships.  The Director of Compliance has confirmed that a full scholarship in 2017-18 is valued at approximately $22,200.  The ability to offer this aid will allow Titan Athletics to be competitive in the Big West conference and Division I in all sports.  Additionally, SSI Funds will be used to provide funding to Athletics Academic Services to hire graduate student tutors and fund the Student Athlete LifeSkills Program. Lastly, SSI funds will provide student athlete health and wellness benefits by funding 5 Athletic Training Graduate Students and 2 Strength & Conditioning Graduate Students. 


Hired 5 athletics training graduate assistants and 2 strengthening and conditioning graduate assistants. 




17-18 projection $2,024,363.00