Access Upgraded Technology

Increase Wi-Fi Capacity in all Common Student Areas such as Pollak Library & College of Business

At least double the maximum number of devices able to connect to the wireless network. Upgrade and maintain network and increase Wi‐Fi capacity on campus.

Year 1 – Double capacity in all common student areas such as Library, College of Business

Year 2 – Double capacity in every classroom and instructional spaces
Year 3 – Expand the Wi‐Fi capacity to outdoors (Quad, Outdoor open spaces)


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Progress and Accomplishments

Bar graph of WIFI improvements in SGMH and Pollak Library

Wi-Fi Capacity Before (Ariel view) WIFI improvements ariel view  WIFI improvements ariel view

Wi-Fi Capacity Phase 2 (Ariel View)WIFI improvements ariel view  WIFI improvements ariel view

2021-2022 Q1 Report

Continue to deploy additional outdoor wireless access points to cover more wireless locations.  Add wireless to focus on area and increase Wi-Fi capacity on campus to support increasing wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • AY 2021-2022, IT plans to expand Wi-Fi coverage in following areas:
    • Outdoor: 
      • 1 parking structures  
      • Add network and wireless access point for Eastside Parking Structure
      • Add 20 outdoor wireless access points (includes trenching, conduit, and mounting access points)                
      • Add additional Smart Node Hub to support expansion of outdoor wireless access points in the focus area.
    • Indoor:                                                      
Add indoor wireless to focus area:       
      • Upgrade wireless in Dan Black Hall, Kinesiology, and Health Center 
      • Add and expand wireless coverage to support indoor digital signage and wayfinding. 
      • Add wireless to the upcoming new building.  
      • Upgrade select Academic Buildings with latest Wireless WiFi6 Technology
      • Network Security: Continue to provide wireless solutions and security for students
      • Centralized network security and wireless logs with Chancellor’s Office LogRhythm Project. 
      • Duo two-factor authentication software licenses for students.
      • Deploy enhanced Student Endpoint device protection using Microsoft ATP
      • Enhanced Student email security by deploying Proofpoint for students
  • Outdoor:
    • Identified 10 smart-nodes locations for the next project. 
    • Identified outdoor wireless locations for additional coverage.
  • Indoor:
    • Received 250 new Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points from the vendor.
  • Network Security:
    • Centralized network security and wireless logs with Chancellor Office LogRhythm Project. 
    • Continue to utilize Duo Software license:
    • Setup LogRhythm Appliance in University Data Center to improve log collection process.
    • Enhanced student login security by onboard all Students to DUO software. 
Budget Amount: $ 1,195,989.22
Expenditures: $307,028.23
Balance: $ 888,960.99