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Upgrade Tablet and Laptop Checkout Available for All Students

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Progress and Accomplishments

Laptop CheckoutLaptop Station Laptop Checkout Station

2017-2018 Plan for the Year Report

Description Plan Facilities Staff Budget Allocation Expenses Balance

AY 2017-18, IT will add new iMacs and 50 laptops and upgrade 30 iPads. Based on current pricing and budget availability, more devices will be added. IT will create a Makerspace on the second floor of the Library North. Facilities work (flooring and coring) to be done before Thanksgiving and the vendor to install the glass walls during the Thanksgiving.


*SSFGF-10224-8106 – Improve Library Tech Environment

• Ready to relocate TitanCard and Student IT Support Desk (Student Genius Corner - SGC) when South side is ready

• Currently in the process of purchasing 200 Power chargers to check out to students





17-18 projection