Expand and Modernize Student Centered Spaces

Improve and Maintain Athletic Facilities

Dedicate funds to address issues with athletics facilities. Begin by addressing critical needs in deferred maintenance and by providing lighting on the tennis courts and open fields north of Titan Gym. Thereafter provide an annual facility maintenance fund and develop a master facility plan. Provide support for increased use and risk management of Titan Athletic facility space for student organizations. Study the building of a new arena facility benefitting the students and campus.

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Progress and Accomplishments

Titan Gym

Titan Gym

Titan Gym scoreboard

Titan Stadium scoreboard

Titan Gym hallway

Titan Gym hallway

2016-2017 Q3 Quarterly Report

Description Plan Facilities Staff Budget Allocation Expenses Balance

Support Athletic facilities by providing funding for a Division I athletics program through facility and branding improvements.   In year 3 of SSI funding, Titan Athletics would like to start putting funds towards a major capital project.  The goal is to save $2,00,000 this year, and each year for the next 3-4 years, to build a new facility and/or complete a major renovation to the Baseball/Softball sports complex.  We will work with the campus leadership to discuss funding options in hopes of starting the project as soon as possible.  The remainder of the funding will be used for facility maintenance, Athletic event support, upgrading the ticketing system to have Wi-Fi and print-at-home capability, renovate the Women's Volleyball practice court, hiring a maintenance mechanic, and supplies the mechanic will be utilizing.

- Maintenance mechanic has been hired, supplies have been purchased
- One cart has been purchased for the facility management staff, second card has been ordered

-Working with campus leadership on larger construction project. Funds will be moved to project account this spring.

- Ticketing system has been upgraded, ready for roll out this spring.

- Volleyball practice facility has been renovated

Volleyball practice court has been renovated

Maintenance Mechanic hired