High Impact Practices

Career Counselor Within Each College

Each college will have one or more dedicated full‐time Industry Specialists to provide career counseling, career programs, and employer outreach to expand paid internships, academic internships, and full‐time professional opportunities. Greatly expanded student support to develop integrated plans to link the academic, career, and personal development dimensions of their education will be added. Increased and timely availability of student appointments and quicker response to requests for online services from counselors and specialists will be a reality. Greatly expanded opportunities for paid internships, academic internships, community engagement, and full‐time professional opportunities will result from an aggressive employer development campaign. Greatly expand community engagement opportunities including internships, service learning, and off‐campus paraprofessional experiences working in local schools, community‐based organizations and other non‐profits. Additional staff to support the increased development of expanded volunteer and community service student organization opportunities.

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
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College Career Specialists

Laura Neal

Maria Valdivia- Pellkofer
Business & Economics

Cassandra Thompson

Miguel Martinez

Marcela Rojas
Engineering & Computer Science

Elizabeth Munoz
Health & Human Development, Nonprofit

Marisa Perez - Amorde
Humanities & Social Sciences, Government

Michelle Ajemian Levy
Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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2016-2017 Q3 Quarterly Report

Description Plan Facilities Staff Budget Allocation Expenses Balance

Career Center
1) Newly Renovated Facilities: Continue to maximize newly renovated Career Center to maximize student use of Career Center Services and Programs. Continue to maximize educational programs for students in our Interactive Computer Lab that incorporates Industry Professionals and Engaged Alumni in various industries that bring information and opportunities to students (i.e. internships, academic internships, and paid part-time and full-time opportunities).
2) Staff: Continue to fund 3 of the 8 College Career Specialists positions so that all of the eight colleges have a dedicated Career Specialists. Three of the funded positions include the College Career Specialists for the Colleges of Education, Communications, Arts, and Engineering and Computer Science who will continue to provide integrated academic, career and personal advising through individual appointments in the Career Center, in the Student Success Centers and/or Colleges and continue to be engaged members of the Student Success Teams. College Career Specialist will continue to engage with their aggressive Employer Engagement Campaign each targeting 20 employers for the next academic year to further expand hiring of interns and full-time post graduate opportunities. Continue to fund 2 positions within the Employer Relations Team which includes the Assistant Director of Employer Relations and the Marketing and Communications Specialist to continue to expand and grow our employer relations efforts, continue to grow internships, part-time and full-time opportunities for students, increase employer/organization attendance in career related job fairs/expos, increase the number of opportunities posted in our Titan Jobs Database, increase the number of employers engaged in offering HIP to students via internships and involvement in our Titan Job Shadow Program, and increase sponsorships to continue to offer more programs for students. Continue to fund the Career Development Training Specialist position who will provide professional development to both Career Center Staff, and faculty/staff in the areas of Career Development and the integration of academic, career, and personal plans into the curriculum. Career Development Training Specialist will continue to serve as a lead in moving the Career Center forward with technology updates utilized to provide a holistic advising approach that utilizes campus resources such as EAB, TAN, and TAN notes. Career Development Training Specialists will continue to serve as a lead for the Career Center's Innovation Team that is charged with enhancing student services and programs via technology and innovation. Continue to fund our Customer Service Coordinator position which provides assistance to students, employers, and campus partners.
3) Program Resources: Support for programs, tools and other initiatives to support student success.

Center for Internships & Community Engagement - Continue to support and create an increase in opportunities for students to participate in academic internship and service-learning opportunities. This is done through increased staffing that creates new relationships with the community, provides risk assessment to all sites and keeps our online database of opportunities current and without backlogs. Funding also provides travel support for the creation of and participation in international service-learning and academic internship courses.

Career Center
- Extended Drive-Thru hours (drop-in Advising) - Monday-Thursday 10:00 a.m.-2:45 p.m., Wednesdays Extended Hours 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. serving an additioanl 112 students - Second round of the Titan Job Shadow program happened during spring break- we had over 30 organizations participate and 175 students apply for the program and 155 matched-Since July 2016-March 2017 over 6,866 students have used some type of career service- currently issuing our student comprehensive learning outcomes survey to those students we have over 1406 completed surveys. Two major events left in semester Internship and Career Expo, and Last Chance Career Expo - 14 Major Exploration Workshop sessions to 164 undeclared students offered in the Career Center.


Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE)

- For the academic year of 16-17, we have awarded 20 international course related grants. 6 of which have been completed, and 13 will take place after spring semester. These funds are supporting the creation of 12 new international service-learning courses for students - The spring Faculty Internships Coordinator meeting took place and focused on a new a new interactive database that CICE will be transitioning to in fall which will streamline the risk management and strudent registration processes.



Career Center

- Continue interactive lab workshops in renovated space (EX: Employer Information Sessions, Career & Major Exploration Sessions with Academic Advising Center, Career related tool kit sessions, on-campus interview orientation sessions, etc.) Planned for 16 workshops for Spring.

Career Center

- College career specialist continue to work on employer engagement campaign. - Training completed and Career Specialist contributing to TAN notes. All College Career Specialist offering drop-in counseling hours. "Career" category of advising through TAN notes system. All Career specialist Certified and Trained in Strong Interest Inventory.