High Impact Practices

Career Center, Internships, & Service Learning

Each college will have one or more dedicated full‐time Industry Specialists to provide career counseling, career programs, and employer outreach to expand paid internships, academic internships, and full‐time professional opportunities. Greatly expanded student support to develop integrated plans to link the academic, career, and personal development dimensions of their education will be added. Increased and timely availability of student appointments and quicker response to requests for online services from counselors and specialists will be a reality. Greatly expanded opportunities for paid internships, academic internships, community engagement, and full‐time professional opportunities will result from an aggressive employer development campaign. Greatly expand community engagement opportunities including internships, service learning, and off‐campus paraprofessional experiences working in local schools, community‐based organizations and other non‐profits. Additional staff to support the increased development of expanded volunteer and community service student organization opportunities.

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Progress and Accomplishments



College Career Specialists


Laura Neal


Business and Economics

Danielle Harbert



Cassandra Thompson



Miguel Martinez


Engineering and Computer Science

Paula Verdugo


Health & Human Development, Nonprofit

Elisabeth Bobadilla


 Humanities and Social Sciences, Government

Melody Lim


 Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Chanda Ishisaka



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2021-2022 Q1 Report

Career Center
  1. Maximize educational programs utilizing Career Center space and virtual resources to incorporate industry professionals and engaged alumni in various industries that bring information and opportunities to students (i.e. internships, academic internships, and paid part-time and full-time opportunities). Further develop Career Center infrastructure to increase student access via enhanced video conferencing equipment to offer hybrid programming and services.
  2. Staffing: Continue to fund 3 of the 8 College Career Specialists positions so that all of the eight colleges have a dedicated Career Specialist. Three of th e funded positions include the College Career Specialists for the Colleges of, Communications, Arts, and Engineering and Computer Science. The college career specialists provide integrated academic, career and personal advising through individual appointments in the Career Center, in the Student Success Centers and Colleges and continue to be engaged members of the Student Success Teams. College Career Specialists will engage with employers utilizing their aggressive Employer Engagement Campaign each targeting at least 20 employers for the next academic year to further expand hiring of interns and full-time postgraduate opportunities. College Career Specialists will continue to move the Career Center forward with technology updates utilized to provide a holistic advising approach that utilizes campus resources such as EAB and TAN notes. Continue to fund 2 positions within the Employer Relations Team which includes the Career Educator and Employer Relations Specialist and Marketing and Communications Specialist. These positions will continue to expand and grow our employer relations efforts, grow internships, part-time and full-time opportunities for students, increase employer/organization attendance in career related job fairs/expos, increase the number of opportunities posted in our Titan Connection Jobs Database, increase the number of employers engaged in offering HIPs to students via internships and involvement in our Titan Job Shadow Program, and increase sponsorships to continue to offer more programs for students. Continue to fund our Customer Service Coordinator position who provides assistance to students, employers, and campus partners.
  3. Program Resources: Support for programs, tools and other initiatives to support student success.


Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE)
Continue to support and create additional opportunities for students to participate in academic internship and service-learning. We will con tinue to provide full and partial funding for multiple staff positions that will provide support to students seeking academically related internship and service-learning experiences. CICE will plan, develop, and implement programs, services, and support systems for students, as well as training and support systems for internship and service-learning faculty and sites in order to create the most appropriate internship and service-learning opportunities for students. A consultant will be hired to develop a brand and marketing plan for the center to raise awareness of the services we provide. CICE will continue to provide funding for the creation of new service-learning courses, the support of local, study-away and international service-learning courses and programming, promotional materials, faculty support and education, student orientations, and tools for connecting community partners, faculty and students.
2021-2022 Specifics
  1. Staffing
    • Full or  partial funding for 4 key staff positions (assistant director, coordinator, assistant coordinator, budget specialist) that provide services and support for academic internships, service-learning courses, and community engagement programs.
  2. Space
    • When the Irvine Center closed, the CICE had to move 3 staff members to CICE. New offices require painting, furniture, etc.
  3. Systems
    • Annuela fee for S4, the database used for the tracking of academic internship and service-learning placements. Fee for ServiceNow, a ticketing system to help streamline student communications with specific staff.
  4. Hardware
    • Computors for student programs.
  5. Events
    • Faculty services-learning and academic internship workshops that focus on best practices to impact student learning and growth. Celebratory events for student and faculty success through engagement. Placement opportunity fairs.
  6. Supplies
    • Program supplies for recruitment and student participation in programming.
Career Center:
Students Served & Impacted 
Titan Connection Jobs Database Data:
  • 6705 logins to the Titan Connection Database
  • In-person and virtual counseling and advisement:
  • 628 unique students engaged in in-person and virtual counseling and drive-thru sessions.
  • 25 unique students met virtually with their College Career Specialist during Student Success Center drop in hours
  • 1024 students virtually attended Career Center workshops
Student Opportunities
  • Jobs Posted in Titan Connection Jobs Database during Q1:
    • Full-time positions: 2872
    • Part-time: 424
    • Academic Internships: 758
    • Non-college credit Internships: 1897
  • In-person and virtual counseling and advisement:
    • A total of 870 in-person and virtual career counseling sessions
    • A total of 29 Student Success Center virtual drop-in sessions
    • 27 Career Center virtual workshops offered
  • 1 Large Scale Event:
    • Virtual Part-time and Seasonal Job Fair 
    • 17 Organizations and Companies in attendance
    • 22 Representatives engaged with students
    • 86 Unique students in attendance


Center for Internships and Community Engagement:
Students Served & Impacted 
  • CICE conducted 4 orientation/student information sessions for a total of 213 students
  • 1,111 students registered for an academic internship opportunity in the Fall 2021 term 
Student Opportunities
    • 334 general recruitment remote postings were approved for a total of 1,293 opportunities available
    • 407 reserved postings were approved for specific students
    • 25% of approved academic internships were paid positions
Staff & Facilities Support
Career Center:
  • SSI funds will be utilized to continue to fund 3 of the 8 College Career Specialists, 2 positions within the Employer Relations Team which includes the Career Educator and Employer Relations Specialist and Marketing and Communications Specialist. 
Center for Internships and Community Engagement:
  • With the closure of the Irvine Center CICE absorbed 3 staff members back  to the main campus. SSI funds were utilized for new office furniture, and due to poor office maintenance 2 offices have been painted.
  • SSI funds will be utilized to continue full and partial funding for 4 key staff positions (assistant director, coordinator, assistant coordinator, budget specialist) that provide services and support for academic internships, service-learning courses, and community engagement programs.
Budget Amount : $1,151,577.57
Expenditures: $167,389.33
Balance: $984,188.24
**Budget is split between Career Center and Center for Internships and Community Engagement