High Impact Practices

Incease Supplemental Instruction & Staff Support

Add supplemental instruction for 80 additional courses each fall and spring semester and 20 courses each summer by providing funding for program coordinators and supplemental instructors. Create spaces to offer supplemental instruction in various colleges. Provide funds to establish learning communities.

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Progress and Accomplishments

Fall 2020 Supplemental Instruction Leader TrainingFall 2020 Supplemental Instruction Leader Training

2021-2022 Q1 Report

Description Supplemental Instruction is a high impact practice (HIP) and proven successful intervention designed to greatly increase student success. In courses where there are high rates of students earning C-, D, and F grades or withdrawing from the course.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders facilitate group sessions where students can improve their understanding of the course material, review and discuss important concepts, and develop student strategies to prepare for exams.

SSI funds will support multiple courses each fall and spring semester and 10 courses each summer by providing funds for program administrative support and SI leaders. SSI funding supports SI leaders, SI senior leaders, and release time for 6 SI faculty liaisons.


Students Served & Impacted 
  • We are piloting the use of mini iPads for check-in in the 2 S.I. spaces in the library.  As of Nov 4, there are 1662 students who checked in.
Student Opportunities
  • 1 full-day training for 9 senior S.I. leaders
  • 4 half-day S.I. training for new and returning S.I. leaders
  • 106 S.I. sessions that meet twice a week+G8+H8
  • Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) is required for every S.I. leader.  This program at CSUF is certified with the University of Missouri, Kansas City (where the International S.I. Center is).
Staff & Facilities Support 
  • One Dell Optiplex 7090 Micro desktop computer was purchased for the Math S.I. classroom (MH 187D)
  • Ongoing renovation of a new S.I. classroom LH 319A - to be completed in time for Spring Semester 2022 use.
  • Coordinator resigned in July 2021; the ASC has been on medical leave since August.
Budget Amount: $ 1,207,368.49
Expenditures: $ 98,142.70
Balance: $ 1,109,225.79
*Budget Allocation is split between the  Increase Supplemental Instruction  and the Establish Learning Communities areas.
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