High Impact Practices

Incease Supplemental Instruction & staff support

Add supplemental instruction for 80 additional courses each fall and spring semester and 20 courses each summer by providing funding for program coordinators and supplemental instructors. Create spaces to offer supplemental instruction in various colleges. Provide funds to establish learning communities.

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Progress and Accomplishments

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2018-2019 Q1 Report

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Supplemental Instruction is a proven successful intervention designed to greatly increase student success. In courses where there are high rates of students earning C-, D, and F grades or withdrawing from the course, Supplemental Instruction Leaders facilitate group sessions where students can improve their understanding of the course material, review and discuss important concepts, develop student strategies to prepare for exams. SSI funds will support 80 additional courses each fall and spring semester and 20 courses each summer by proving funds for program administrative support and SI Leaders. For the fall 2018 semester, SSI funding will support the hiring of SI Leaders, Senior Leaders (mentors), the distractive support staff member (part-time), SI Coordinator (SSPII, full-time), and release time for faculty liaisons in the Colleges of ECS and HSS.

Supplimental Instruction:

The SI Program is exploring new bottleneck courses to support beginning spring 2019 in fulfillment of the Graduate Initiative 2025. 


OP Learning Community:

• 72 FTF attended a Welcome Event which provided an opportunity to interact with EOP staff, network with each other, and learn about resources.

•EOP Break & Bowl was attended by 70 students who interacted and connected in a relaxing environment before midterms.

• EOP hosted the annual regional EOP Student Leadership Conference. This one day conference, organized by CSUF Peer Mentors and attended by 37 students from 4 CSU campuses, had a focus on EOP history, Impostor Syndrome, Historical Parallels, and Student Leadership Commitment.

•All 2018 Summer Bridge students (except one) enrolled in University 100 or Humanities 100 met with their peer mentor at least once. University


Honors Learning Community:

•Organized Poland film night and study abroad information session.

• Supported launching a new Peer-mentor program.

• Created an alumni network to support current students.

• Supported community service in conjunction with Placentia- Yorba Linda School District.

• Created Community-Building Programming focused on mental health and gratitude to community members.

• Supported faculty with student-related issues.

• Supported Health Professions Scholarly Presentations and Information for Honors students.

• Organized and compiled submissions for University Honors Center Art Wall.


Supplimental Instruction:

The Chemistry SI room is being refurbished in fall 2018, which includes the addition of new moveable tables and chairs, as well as new glass whiteboards.