Embrace Diversity and Veterans

Renovate VRC space & support Veteran Student Services

Expand support services to our veteran students. In the first two months of Fall 2013, VSS has had 2147 visits to the office seeking services. This represents a 40% increase over the same timeframe last year (we have not calculated unique student visits but anticipate the numbers will also reflect an increase over the previous year). With new space and expanded outreach, we expect an increase of individual utilization by 100 students and overall utilization by 50%. Establishment of a new stand‐alone department, Veteran Student Services (VSS), to serve the growing veteran population at CSUF.


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Progress and Accomplishments

Veteran Scholar Readiness ProgramVeteran Scholar Readiness Program

Titan Warrior WellnessTitan Warrior Wellness Titan Warrior Wellness

Veteran Appreciation NightVeteran Appreciation Night

2021-2022 Q1 Report

The 2021-2022 Academic Year for Veterans Resource Center plan will look past re-entry and focus on reassessing, reengaging, and rebuilding our veteran and military-connected community on campus and in the region. These efforts will emphasize the expansion of staffing, programming, services, and events to support our student's academic, personal, and professional success.
To achieve this, continuing and new initiatives include:
  • Veterans Ambassador Program (VAP) - Outreach to Community Colleges, Local Veteran Non-profits, and Military Installations
  • Peer Advisors for Veterans Education (PAVE)- Peer Mentorship and Support (In partnership with the University of Michigan and 41 other institutions of higher education.
  • Advising & Certification Team (ACT) - Process and Certification of U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs GI Bill, U.S. Dept. of Defense Tuition Assistance Program, and State of California Vet Fee Waiver
  • Titan Veteran Families (TVF – Formerly Titan Warrior Wellness) - Focuses on Group and Peer-Led Groups, Workshops, and Activities to foster a sense of belonging on and connectedness to campus for veterans and their families.
  • Women 4 Women (W4W) - Provides Community, Camaraderie, and Support for Female Identified Student Veterans
  • VetForward (V4W) - Career Development Program assists student veterans with preparing for and obtaining post-graduation employment (In partnership with the CSUF Career Center).
  • VetTitan (VTT) - Promotes and supports Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership for veteran and military-connected students (In partnership with the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship)
Additionally, supporting staff will continue, with the hope of retaining all positions after three new launches this year are filled. 
Students Served & Impacted 
  • 1,506 Students Process/Certified/Registered for the fall 2021 Semester by the VRC's Advising & Certification Team (ACT)
    • 489 Veterans & 1,017 Military Family Members
    • 837 VA Education Benefits Certified (Veterans & Military Family Members)
    • 650 CalVet Fee Waivers Processed (Military Family Members)
Student Opportunities
  • 2 Large Scale Events
    • VRC Outside 09/10/21: Over 120 Veteran & Military-Connected Students attended this event to learn more about the above mentioned programs & services, participate in activities, and engage in the VRC Community
    • CSUF Day at Angels Stadium 09/12/21: The VRC hosted 100 Veteran & Military-Connected Students for a Major League Baseball Game.
  • 480 Advising Sessions (Virtual and In-Person)
  • 8 Virtual Workshops
Staff & Facilities Support
  • The CSUF VRCs Student Success Initiative continued to fund two Coordinator Positions, which were reclassified from SSPII's to SSPIII's, including the Retention & Success and the Access & Engagement Coordinators.
  • The VRC will begin the hiring process for:
    • Administrative Support Coordinatorin
    • Certification Coordinator
    • Career Coordinator
    • Wellness Coordinator
Budget Amount: $852,125.02
Expenditures: $63,004.90
Balance: $ 789,120.12