Embrace Diversity and Veterans

Renovate VSS Space to Address the Needs of Veteran Students

Expand support services to our veteran students. In the first two months of Fall 2013, VSS has had 2147 visits to the office seeking services. This represents a 40% increase over the same timeframe last year (we have not calculated unique student visits but anticipate the numbers will also reflect an increase over the previous year). With new space and expanded outreach, we expect an increase of individual utilization by 100 students and overall utilization by 50%. Establishment of a new stand‐alone department, Veteran Student Services (VSS), to serve the growing veteran population at CSUF.


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Progress and Accomplishments

Veteran Scholar Readiness ProgramVeteran Scholar Readiness Program

Titan Warrior WellnessTitan Warrior Wellness Titan Warrior Wellness

Veteran Appreciation NightVeteran Appreciation Night

2016-2017 Q3 Quarterly Report

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To continue to provide services for CSUF student veterans through programs, resources and services that facilitate engagement, student development, academic success and awareness of veterans issues. This includes the development and implementation of 3 major program initiatives:
(1) Veterans Ambassador Program
(2) Titan Warrior Wellness program
(3) Veteran Scholar Career Readiness program The VRC will also continue to increase the awareness of veterans and veterans-related issues among faculty and staff through our Vet Net Ally Training seminars.

- The VRC's Titan Warrior Wellness program continues to offer successful workshops, activities and support to student veterans on their wellness goals.

- The VRC successfully hosted its annual VSCRP Expo on February 24, 2017 with 25 student veterans and 12 organizations and companies in attendance.

- The VRC held it's 5th Annual Women Veterans In Higher Education Conference on March 11 in the TSU. Over 100 people attended with approximately 90 female participants.

- The VRC successfully provided its Spring Vet Net Ally seminars on February 8 and March 9 with a total of 26 staff, faculty and students that participated.

- The VRC will host it's 10th Annual Veterans Appreciation Night on Saturday, April 29 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove.


The VRC has successfully hired an Educational Access Coordinator (SSPII) who will coordinate all programming and day to day functions of our Veterans Ambassador program, Peer Transition Leaders and veterans orienation and transition services.