Embrace Diversity and Veterans

Increase Diversity Programs for Peer Education, Gender Education, Bystander Intervention Programs, and Other Workshops


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Progress and Accomplishments

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2017-2018 Plan for the Year Report

Description Plan Facilities Staff Budget Allocation Expenses Balance


• Continue to support student salaries (undergraduate and graduate students) for 5 resource centers (TDRC, CRC, AARC, APARC and LGBTQC) and the department (DIRC), fund a portion of the APARC professional staff, and fund all of the LGBTQRC professional staff.

• Continue to support programming for each center and the department as well as the Identity Based Resource Fair, a collaborative event that highlights all 8 identity based resource centers on campus.

• Refurbishment of the LGBTQRC. In 2015, all of the centers within DIRC were refurbished. Now that the LGBTQRC has joined the department (as of July, 2016), we want to make sure to also refurbish this space.

• Support for the cultural graduate recognition ceremonies.



• Staff support: Increased campus time for the Adult Reentry and Parenting Programs Coordinator, fund Graduate Assistant for Adult Reentry and Parenting Programs, fund graduate assistant for Violence Prevention Education, fund 8 Violence prevention Peer Educators, fund a full-time Victim Advocate (recruitment starts in fall 2016), and continues to fund a Violence Prevention Educator/Victim Advocate.

• Support center programming, which includes Family Back to School Night, Cal Works Verification, National Nontraditional Student Week, Tuffy’s Career Closet, 3 campus-wide awareness campaigns that address stalking, sexual assault, and dating/domestic violence, the Annual Violence Prevention Conference, and more.

• Support Student Leadership Training and student organizations AWARE (Adults Who Are Returning to Education) and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society (nontraditional student honor society)



• Staff Support: Support the salaries for the graduate assistants within Fraternity & Sorority Life, Community Service Programs, and Student Organizations along with student assistants to support the overall mission of Student Life & Leadership.

• Programming: Support various programs and services that support, educate, and advocate for many students and student organizations involved with Student Life & Leadership’s programmatic areas, which includes, but is not limited to, LeadCon for Student Organizations, New Member Education for new Fraternity & Sorority members, Fraternity & Sorority Presidents’ meetings/retreats, Sport Clubs Concussion Training, and Community Service Projects.

• Campus Events: Support large-scale annual events that enhance the Titan Experience for the entire campus, such as Social Justice Summit, Tuffy Awards, Titan Resource Fair, and Discoverfest.


  14 paid student staff members providing various programatic and internship opportunities to the department. We were able to provide leadership and developmental training to 35 students affliated with the departnement in August 2017.

  Confidential Advocate has continued to support numerous students on campus and through court proceedings who have experienced intimate partner violence during summer.

  Violence Prevention Program peer educators have been recruited, trained, and are preparing to provide bystander intervention training to campus, beginning with the Univ 100 courses.



  Fraternity & Sorority Life sponsored a summer leadership retreat for about 30 fraternity and sorority presidents at the University of California, Irvine ropes course. Students were able interact with other leaders from the four different councils and also reflect on their own limitations and priorities as a leader.









 Refurbished the LGBTQ Resource Center with new desks, storage, and seating for students, which created more space. Some of the carry over will be used for the department relocation, to make sure the centers are able to purchase furniture and décor.


 For the first time, hired students to assist the centers during summer and begin fall planning. This resulted in confirmed fall semester calendars to share in advance. In addition, hired student to assist with department marketing, which resulted in the fall calendar and department-wide documents to promote centers and events. Also hired a GA in summer to plan fall workshop series.



 Continued staff funding provided during summer for Violence Prevention Coordinator; Confidential Advocate; Adult Reentry & Parenting Programs Coordinator




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