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Additional Support for Adaptive Devices with Technology for Students with Disabilities

 Increase staffing and services for disability resources. Fund a student access and accommodation system that will reduce litigation due to University non‐ compliance/non‐action.

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2016-2017 Q3 Quarterly Report

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DSS has experienced dramatic increases in the number of students seeking accommodations and access (20% increase) in FY15-16 - 1,672 total and over 1,700 two weeks into fall 2016.  SSI funds will be invested to cover the salary/benefits of a full time LD/Mental Health Specialist (counselor) and to cover the expenses of hiring a part time counselor (SSP III) to provide more direct support for students with disabilities.



Counselor continuing a large number of student appointments and is providing ancillary support through groups designed to strengthen students learning, advocacy and coping skills. Part time SSP counselor invests 80 - 90% of her counselor hours in student appointments. Stats for both will be provided at the end of spring term.