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Progress and Accomplishments

Spring 2016: 31 added courses

BUAD 201-16: Business Writing

BUAD 301-12: Advanced Business Communication

BUAD 301-09: Advanced Business Communication

BUAD 301-23: Advanced Business Communication

CHEM 301B-03: Organic Chemistry

CHEM 316-09, 10: Quant Chemistry Lab

CRJU 100-01: Intro to Crime, Law, & Justice

CRJU 100-02: Intro to Crime, Law, & Justice

EDSC 310-01, 02: Teaching Experience Participation

EGCE 201-04: Statics

EGME 306B-05, 06: Fluids & Thermal Laboratory

EGME 306B-09: Fluids & Thermal Laboratory

EGME 315-05, 06: Basic Fabrication Mfg.

HCOM 350-01: Speech & Hearing Science

HESC 475-06: Health Science Planning, Research, and Evaluation

ISDS 361A-20: Business Analytics I

KNES 348-04: Physiology of Exercise

KNES 349-06: Measurement and Statistics in Kinesiology

MATH 110-01: Liberal Arts Mathematics

MATH 130-85: Short Course in Calculus

MATH 150A-85: Calculus I

MATH 150B-86: Calculus II

MATH 250B-04: Intro Lin Algebra & Differential Equations

MATH 338-21, 22: Stat Applied to Natural Sciences

MATH 338-23, 24: Stat Applied to Natural Sciences

MGMT 339-20: Managing Operations

MGMT 340-03: Organizational Behavior

MGMT 449-24: Seminar in Strategic Management

MUS100-01: Intro to Music

RTVF 350-06: Story Structure

THTR 110-05: Oral Communication of Literature


Fall 2015: 44 added courses

ART 103-06: Two-Dimensional Design

ART 217-02: Life Drawing for Animation

ART 300-03: Writing in Visual Arts

ART 337-01: Animal/Wildlife Drawing

ASTR 101-05: Introduction to Astronomy

BIOL 101-51: Elements of Biology

BIOL 152-03: Evolution & Organismal Biology

BIOL 273-27: Genetics and Molecular Biology

BUAD 301-28: Advanced Business Communication

BUAD 301-29: Advanced Business Communication

CHEM 123-04: Chemistry Engineers

CHEM 301A-07: Organic Chemistry

CHIC 102-11: Communication Skills

CHIC 102-12: Communication Skills

COMM 352-03: Advertising Media

COMM 353-04: Creative Strategy & Execution I

COMM 362-01: Public Relations Writing I

COMM 362-02: Public Relations Writing I

CPSC 121-11: Object-Oriented Programming

CPSC 121-12: Object-Oriented Programming

CPSC 311- 03: Tech Writing for Comp Science

CRJU 300-07: Foundations Criminal Justice

EGEE 410-02: Electro-Optical Systems

EGCE 465-01: Plan & Control of Project

ENGL 301-30: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-31: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-32: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-33: Advanced College Writing

HIST 110A-39: World Civilization to 16c

KNES 349-06: Measures/Statistics in Kinesiology

MATH 130-09: Short Course in Calculus

MATH 135-23: Business Calculus

MATH 150A-23: Calculus I

MATH 150B-24: Calculus II

MGMT 449-19: Seminar in Strategic Mgt

MGMT 449-20: Seminar in Strategic Mgt

PHYS 225-04: Fundamental Phys: Mechanics

PHYS 226-01: Fund Phys, Elect & Magnetism

RTVF 301-03: Intro to Film Studies

RTVF 310-01: Advanced Audio Production

RTVF 350-01: Story Structure

RTVF 310-02: Advanced Audio Production

RTVF 350-03: Story Structure

RTVF 350-06: Story Structure


Spring 2015: 38 added courses

ART 101-02: Introduction to Art

ART 104-12: Three-Dimensional Design

ART 117-02: Life Drawing

ART 117-03: Life Drawing

BUAD 201-36: Business Writing

BUAD 301-36: Advanced Business Communication

BUAD 301-37: Advanced Business Communication

CHEM 361A-01: Introduction to Physical Chemistry

DANC 101-12: Introduction to Dance 

ECON 201-15: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 201-16: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 201-18: Principles of Microeconomics

EGCE 201-04: Statics

EGCE 308-03: Engineering Analysis & Statistics

EGCE 418-05: Foundation Design

EGCE 418-06: Foundation Design

EGCE 441-04: Environmental Engineering

EGEE 445-01: Digital Electronics

EGEE 460-01: Introduction to Cellular Mobile Communications Systems

ENGL 211-01: British Literature to 1760

ENGL 301-34: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-35: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-36: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 301-37: Advanced College Writing

ENGL 341-04: Children's Literature

HCOMM 300-05: Intro to Research Speech Communication

HESC 350-05: Nutrition

MATH 135-21: Business Calculus

MATH 150A-13: Calculus I

MATH 150B-13: Calculus II

MATH 150B-18: Calculus II

MATH 150B-19: Calculus II

MATH-150B-22: Calculus II

MATH 150B-80: Calculus II

MATH 250A-12: Calculus III

MATH 250A-13: Calculus III

MATH 250B-11: Intro Lin Alg & Dif Equa


MGMT 449-10: Seminar in Strategic Management


MGMT 449-24: Seminar in Strategic Management


MGMT 449-25: Seminar in Strategic Management


MUS 307-07: History of Rock Music


MUS 307-08: History of Rock Music


SPAN 101-04: Fundamental Spanish

2018-2019 Q1 Report

Description Plan Staff Budget Allocation Expenses Balance

Beginning in 2014-15, SSI funding became available to add courses to help students improve time to degree, access additional high-demand courses and to have more courses available at non-peak times for improved flexibility and options.


The process followed to identify areas where additional sections would be beneficial (e.g., identifying bottleneck courses, responding to input related to identified need, monitoring wait listed courses plus sections with large enrollments) is straight forward. Data provided by our Institutional Research Office frames the conversations with the colleges that result in final listing of courses offered as a result of this funding.

47 course sections were offered in Fall 2018

• 4 College of the Arts

• 4 College of Communications

• 8 College of Health and Human Development

• 10 College of Humanities & Social Services

• 18 Natural Sciences and Mathematics If fee revenue remains consistent, available budget will allow for 47 course sections in Spring 2019 for a total of 94 course sections this Academic Year.